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ٲنَا بَحَِّك means "I Love You"

it's been a while, but i'm finally back from deployment! took this in Bahrain, thought it was pretty awesome.

i'm currently working on sorting through all my photos from all the places i went, and will post some of those pics soon. but for now you get Kevin Spacey saying "I Love You" in Arabic.

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Pictures from the high seas!!

Ok, so hey everyone! long time no see! I'm still out in the middle of the sea on deployment. I can't really share much in the way of details, but we're out in the middle east on standby just in case we're needed to step in and help out in one of those places that are in turmoil right now.

anyway, i added some more pictures to my Travel album, mostly from Bahrain. I haven't really been anywhere too interesting since, but we should be seeing some new places soon, so stay tuned!

(click the picture for more)

I also made a new album just for pics that are more Navy related. just snapshots from deployments, around the ship, etc, including some cool stuff involving fighter jets and other things that you might just find freakin' awesome! :D
Just a heads up, this is probably the sexiest photo of me that has ever been or will ever be taken. Ladies you may want to right click and save as...

(click the picture for more)

PS: I know a few of you expressed interest in mailing me letters and cookies and stuff, if you want my ship address let me know in your comment and i'll PM it to you.

EDIT: Sorry about the HTML fail. the internet is pretty sketchy in the middle of the ocean, so it wouldn't load the edit page last night after i made the post. but all the links are fixed and the pics are working again! enjoy! :D
OK so it's two days later and i'm still in Norfolk. the flight was delayed for repairs the first night and then delayed due to weather last night (but not until sitting on the runway for like 3 hours). but all was not bad they put us up in a nice hotel and fed us breakfast lunch and dinner every day. i lucked out like crazy and got an AWESOME suite with a king sized bed and a whirlpool and everything! it was awesome! so now we're all sitting here in the terminal again just waiting to board the plane while debating what we think is going to go wrong this time. What will it be? pilots too drunk to fly? wings fall off the plane? Godzilla on the runway? hmmm wish you could do polls with a free account.

anywhom, let's see if we actually get out of here this time! or not. either way i'm fine. just give me my swank room back and i'm good! :P

so for the second time, by everybody! (maybe...)

EDIT #1: Well we got to take off this time, so i'm finally on my way! I'm in an AMC terminal on Lajes Air Base in The Azores! man this place is pretty! i wish we could go out and sightsee a little bit on our two hour layover here! i did snap one picture out the window of the plane:

EDIT #2:Well i'm in Naples Italy but it's like 9pm here so it was too dark to get any decent pics. the best i could do was a picture of me next to a palm tree:

**NOTE** All of these pictures and all pics from this deployment are going to be uploaded to my Picasa album HERE

well here goes nothing...

ok so in about a half hour i will be boarding my flight to Bahrain.

in a half hour i will be flying out to the middle east.
in a half hour i will be flying to the complete OTHER SIDE OF THE FUCKING WORLD!! 0_o

it's an amazing thing to think about really... it feels like i'm about to step off the edge of the earth. i mean, i might as well be considering i'm about to go to the other side of the world and my life is about to change significantly being on a ship for the next however many months. i can't friggin believe i'm going to go do and see some of the things i'm about to go do and see! i've been sitting here in the AMC airport on base in Norfolk VA for the past few hours with about 1000 things bouncing around in my skull and every passing minute i get more and more anxious. i don't know if it's excitement to get out and see the world or if i'm nervous about what the future holds and what's going to happen when i get to the ship. all i know is the waiting is KILLING ME!!! >_<

So anyway, i'm not sure what i'll get as far as internet access out on the ship, but my sponsor seems to be able to email me frequently. so hopefully i'll be able to get online and hit up the ol' ElJay once in a while. if not i should at least have access to Facebook and stuff. (feel free to add me www.facebook.com/morningxafter)

anyway, to all of you, to all my friends, i love you and i will miss you all while i'm away. when i get back i will be returning here to Virginia and #1 on the agenda is buy a car (ok actually getting a license is #1, a car is #2) so any of my east coast friends who want to meet up sometime let me know, and i'll definitely add you my road trip list! i love road trips and plan on taking many (NYC, DC, Pennsylvania, etc.)

i hate goodbye so this is only, "Until we meet again." Smooth Sailing everyone, and i hope everything in your life is good over the upcoming months (well forever really but you know what i mean).

also, PEACE, BITCHEZ!! ;)

***EDIT:*** Ok, so i guess my flight was delayed until tomorrow afternoon. so uh, don't read this post until tomorrow afternoon i guess?

Merry X-Mas Everybody!!

I got you all a present...

sorry i didn't have time to wrap it...
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ok so where to start, i guess it's been a while since my last real update huh?

well, unfortunately this probably won't be one either.

it's been a while since i've updated drunk, so here we go:
i'm at a hotel right now, and we're all drunk as hell. we've been drinking since like 1pm. we're drunk and having a good time! i'd upload some pictures but that seems like a hassle right now. anyway what's been happening? i graduated BECC (engineering school) as an honor graduate. and got my accelerated advancement to E4 which is nice because i'm E1 right now. so all i have to do is complete my "time in rate" (9 months E1-E2 which should be done in a few months then 9 months E2-E3 then 6 months E3-E4) my PLR said it's 4 months regardless of what rank you are, but i heard different from the instructors at ATT so i'll have to clear it up as to what is truth and what is assumption. either way, not bad for an E1 who was told from a fucking captain, that he was "just lucky to get in". and now i'm at ATT which sucks. it's nowhere as chill as BECC. the instructors there seem to think it's friggin boot camp. very stressful.

anywhom, i'm just chilling at the hotel having a good time. it's our last weekend before we go home for xmas, and i'm drunk. i know it's not a good idea to post drunk but i'm doing it anyway, so brace yourself for some emo complaining. it's weird, every weekend everybody hooks up. i know i'm past the random hookups and i'm looking for something more stable (which i know won't happen with a Navy girl), but a part of me can't help but feel left out. like everyone around me is hooking up. i'm always the nice guy who's looking out for the drunk people, then they're ok and off to get it on with some random person. half of these people are married or engaged and hooking up with other married or engaged people, but again, i can't help but feel a little left out. everyone around me is hooking up and again it's me alone going, "ok, you kids have fun..." i mean am i really that undesirable? i used to think it was my weight, but i've lost a lot of that. granted a lot of these guys are a lot more skinny than me, but seriously. is it my age? i have a good 5 years on most of these people. no, because guys i know older than me or my age are doing fine. i suppose it's the same old story. i'm too nice or something so i come across as the big brother or something, idk what it is.

it's not even that i really want to or feel the need to get laid (seriously i'm looking for something more substantial), but occasionally when everyone around me is hooking up with everyone else i tend to feel a little left out, and to be honest, a bit insulted. i mean, i know it's me, and i understand that but i'm not even sure what is is. idk, maybe i'm reading too much into it but for whatever reason i can't help but feel a little insulted.

oh, also someone stole my booze which is unfortunate. :(

inspection today.

my instructor said he wanted them shiny enough to see his reflection...

Gonna rock this bitch!

so if you remember last year, i got to see Ben Folds in concert (and i got to sing with him). well last night i went to go see him downtown in Chicago. it was a really really good show, but that's true for all of his shows. it was a little bit weird though because in all the times over all the years that i've seen him play, he's ALWAYS ended the show on Not the Same. Don't get me wrong, it was AWESOME to hear Underground live like they used to play it, but it's like a tradition now. a Ben Folds concert that doesn't end with Not the Same is like a Thanksgiving without a turkey! but a surprise blast from the past was still really cool (speaking of which, they also played Kate which was fucking amazing as well)! all the old staples were still there though, Rockin' the Suburbs, Army, Rock This Bitch, Landed, etc. but it was the tour for Lonely Avenue, so of course they're going to play a lot of the new stuff. which is fine because the new album was good stuff too. all in all a great show as usual!

as usual, i took a few pics while i was there.Collapse )

oh yeah also, i caught him outside after the show, and got the autograph and picture that i missed out on last time! ^_^

He's so nice to his fans!

I'm on fire!

so it's good to see that everyone had a good Halloween! i was stuck on watch at the barracks Sunday night because it was our duty day. but Friday and Saturday were fun! friday we wandered around downtown with 711 big gulps filled with rum, then Saturday night i got to go to The House of Blues to see Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything, Saves the Day and Valencia. not a very big Say Anything fan but they were ok. The other bands were awesome though! I had never heard of Valencia but i was impressed, and of course i've been a big fan of Motion City Soundtrack and Saves the Day for a LONG time now! I got to meet Motion City Soundtrack which was fucking cool as hell! ^_^

anyway, here's some pics!

And now I think I'm ready to bust a move! Check it out I'm rockin' steady!Collapse )

(moar pixorz behind the cut)

Sorry it took so long ladies...

As promised, here's a couple pictures of me in my dress blues.

I'm really happy. i'm getting back in shape, and i've lost over 50lbs this year. i'd really like to get back to about 200lbs but for now i'm just happy to feel healthy.