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So apparently very few of my friends update anymore. That's sad, but I understand. I kind of drifted away from this place for a while too (Reddit will devour your soul like nothing I have ever seen aside from Fallout).

So if anyone is reading this, what's new with you guys?

Not that much new to talk about here, but let's see what I've got...

I made EM2 (E-5)!! So now as soon as I start getting paid for it, I'll be able to get BAH to get an apartment out in town! (and thank goodness, because these PPV Barracks SUUUUUUUUUCK!)
Also, I made a couple new friends who actually like going out and doing things other than hitting a bar, or playing video games. Last time I updated I was feeling trapped in a monotonous void of routine. But now I occasionally go do things like photo outings and trying new restaurants and stuff! So that's cool!

Anyway, If anyone is still here to read this, you guys are awesome, and I've missed you all (those that aren't my friend on FB anyway).

PS: Pictures; coming soon to a friends page near you!

My Valentine's Date

I finally made another comic. granted most of it's cut-and-and paste but still, I'm going to try to get back into making them and this is a good first step.

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So I've been saving a little here, and watching my spending a bit there, and...


I was going to wait a while longer until I had saved up some more, but then I found out that the NEX (who price-matches, is tax-free, AND has a better extended warranty) was phasing it out, and Best Buy had it on sale for like $180 cheaper. And I've been really trying to get back into photography a bit more seriously, so I jumped on it and bought one, because being fiscally responsible is for chumps, right?! :D


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Well I made it home after about 17 hours of traveling on a combination of planes and buses. what a long trip. Oh here's something interesting, if i had flown into Grand Forks instead of Minneapolis it would have cost like an extra $500... to stay on the same plane for another hour. yeah, I got off the plane in Cincinnati (very nice airport, BTW; the even have a smoking room so you don't have to go through security again just to have a smoke while you wait for your next flight!) went to use the restroom, and went to go find my next plane to get to Minneapolis. turns out it was the same damn plane i had just got off, so that was convenient. get to Minneapolis and as i look at the screen in the gate as i'm leaving, it says the next flight for that plane... Grand fucking Forks. really? really?! so it would cost me an extra $500+ just to stay on the same damn plane for another hour? Delta, you need to figure some shit out.

anyway, then i caught a ride from my uncle to the bus stop and waited for my bus. gotta love Greyhound, their buses are always late and they don't give a single fuck. then they lose your bag and also, not a single fuck given this day. yup, they somehow managed to lose my luggage. how? how do you fuck that up? it's not like an airport where it has to go through some complicated network of conveyors and luggage carts. Here's the bus i'm getting off and right next to it is the bus i'm getting on *moves imaginary bag slightly to the left* done! so all my clothes and toiletries? gone. more importantly, all my Christmas presents for my family? gone. :( if they don't find it in the next couple days, i'm expecting a check and a free bus ride back to Minneapolis. in fact i'm expecting a free bus ride back to Minneapolis regardless, god damnit.

BUUUUT, on the brighter side, mother nature gave me an awesome Christmas present! it's been brown all winter long up here in ND, but last night like an hour before i made it to town, it snowed! like only inside the city limits and (so it would seem) just for meeee!! so since this is my Christmas, I get a white Christmas after all! :D

My mommy mailed me Christmas!! :D

So I got a package from my mom this morning from the ship's post office, and I open it up and it was a Box O' X-Mas! there was a Chocolate advent calender (so i get to eat all but one of the chocolates today, and I have to save the last one for tomorrow lol), a box of my favorite Queen Anne cordial cherries (because that Zachary brand is fucking garbage and everyone knows this), a small stocking full of mini candy canes, and best of all a Christmas tree kit (including a little tree, box of ornaments, small string of lights and a little star for the top!) so before I left the ship I went and set it up in the shop for the guys who have to be on duty this weekend.

I think I've decided that as soon as my schedule allows, I'm going back to school. But instead of doing something that vaguely interests me just because I can make a bunch of money from it, I think I'm going to follow my dream and go to an art school for photography. I'm decent at it with just a small point-and-shoot camera, and I should be able to buy a DSLR pretty soon, so with some knowledge of the theory, I could be really good at it. but more importantly than that, I LOVE doing it!
"If your can make a career of something you love, you'll never have a bad day at work." - Someone probably.
Actually though, I would love to do it for a living but not lame-ass portraits and weddings and crap, I would want to be like a photojournalist or something. odds are that wouldn't pan out though. what i wouldn't mind doing is just keeping it a hobby, and owning my own restaurant. I think I could run a pretty successful deli downtown Chicago, right off the Magnificent Mile. I really want to move back there, and I think if you opened a real, independently owned, NY style deli in the heart of Chicago it could be a very big success with the 9-5 business crowd for lunch. especially if you kept the pricing good. I'm thinking lots of variety; some pre-designed options for a menu (like my shrimp and avocado BLT), but mostly a large variety of meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces (seriously like 5 different kinds of mustard). mix and match as you please, and your sandwich comes out to a certain weight (before the veggies of course). Want it on sliced bread (white, marble, wheat, rye, etc)? $5 and you get this much meat. want it on a hoagie? $7 and you get this much more meat. anyway, that's just an idea i've been toying with lately. a non-navy option for whenever i decide to get out.

anyway, i'm rambling now, so i'll just say Merry Christmas to everybody! I'm gonna get drunk and play video games. And tomorrow I'm going to get drunk and watch Love, Actually and Die Hard (my two favorite Christmastime movies). should be a very cathartic weekend. :D

Oh also,

blah, blah, blah...

so the guy was totally screwing me on the price of this coke so i says to the guy, I says, "Man, you're killin' me Smalls!" So he says, "Did you really just quote The Goonies in the middle of a drug deal?" So I say "TRY THE SANDLOT MOTHERFUCKER!!" and i shoot him in the face.
OK, so it wasn't a drug deal and i didn't shoot him in the face but i still felt that familiar snap in my neck of pure instant hatred making me want to strangle this guy.

So how has everybody been? i missed you guys! i know i keep promising to post more, but it's been crazy around here lately. right after Light Off Assessment, we went on a short underway and ever since we got back we've been busting our asses getting ready for Av-Cert (aviation department's certification). so the long hours are still there pretty frequently. and all i want to do when i'm off work is veg out in front of the tv with a ps3 controller in my hand, so my life has been pretty boring lately. also i was more than a little depressed lately for reasons that can probably remain private, suffice it to say it's about a girl who used to be on my flist. the good news is i really don't feel the need to censor my posts anymore, because, fuck it. of all probably 3 of you that will read this, it's not like i'm really trying to impress any of you out there anymore.

but anywhom, i got my plane ticket back to ND today for my holiday leave. i'll be back in ND on the 28th until the 4th. maybe going home for a week will do me some good. maybe seeing some snow too! i really hate Norfolk. this place is so goddamn depressing. there's no culture here at all. i need to transfer to Washington or back to Great Lakes if I re-enlist. that might also help. or a girlfriend. that might help too. either one.
hey guys! long time no see! sorry bout being a ghost recently we're going through Light-Off Assessment (we're lighting off the boilers and restarting the whole propulsion/electrical plant after completely overhauling them) and my hours have been ridonkulous! i'm talking getting up at 4:30am to be to work by 6 and working until about 8pm every day with maybe one day off every weekend, if we're lucky.

"so what's new in Matt's world" seems to be the question on nobody's mind. so i'll tell you, eager imaginary readers! and you will get to act totally enthralled by my incredibly banal current state of life.

well, i've been blowing off steam most nights lately with a little bit of Call of Duty. I've found myself really liking this one! its online multiplayer is WAY better than the first two Modern Warfare games. you can actually snipe (which i'm pretty damn good at if i do say so myself)! the other ones seemed to want to punish you for trying to use a little tactical strategy, and catered heavily to the run-and-gunners. which i don't usually get along with because they're the type of impatient gamers who can't enjoy the intricacies of a well-designed game and just want to kill a bunch of imaginary people. they're the ones constantly calling me a "faggot-ass fucking camper bitch" for trying to use a strategy aside from "i'm gonna do my war cry (LEEEEEROOOOOOY JEEEEENKIIIIIINS!!) and run out to the middle of the map guns-a-blazin' and try to take out as many of these muthafuckas as i can before dying in a hail of gunfire from no less than 3 opponents at once because i'm badass like that!" i'm not saying all run-and-gunners are like that but none of the snipers i've ever met are like that.

So don't get me wrong, i'm still absolutely loving How I Met Your Mother (ZOMG!! did you see this week's episode! O_o!! the end was soooooo emotional and sad!! Poor Barney! i've been there buddy, i feel ya dawg.) but i'm completely in love with this show The New Girl!! I mean i've always loved Zooey Deschanel, but she's just so dorky and adorable (adorkable!) in this show that i just want to hug and kiss and cuddle with her on the couch and watch movies together (dude, i would snuggle her soooo hard, bro! snuggle her alllllll night long!). and BONUS! the show is well-written, clever, hilarious, and has a lot of heart! and DOUBLE BONUS! the nerdy jokes don't feel so shoehorned in there to pander to the geek crowd like the do on Big Bang Theory!

last but not least i've often said my first childhood crush is a tie between Barbara Gordon AKA: the original Batgirl/AKA: Oracle, and April O'Neal from TMNT (not the porno actress who i literally JUST found out exists and is also kinda nerdy and cool judging by her tumblr page!) it seems even as a child i had a thing for redheads. well i finally found a Batgirl figurine that didn't cost me a far larger stack of dollars than i'm comfortable paying for a toy i'll never play with. I was at Target grocery shopping (seriously the target brand stuff is the best! and decently priced too!) and as fate would have it i found myself in the toy aisles looking at the figurines and noticed they're running an awesome Batman Legacy edition line of characters, one of which includes a classic Batgirl! i also bought some new fuzzy slippers, because i'm not wearing shower shoes to the laundry room and i'm sure as hell not tying shoes just for that! i love my fuzzy slippers, don't try and act like you're not totally jealous of them! my fuzzy slippers are the bomb, and they keep my toes all toasty warm! (hey that would have rhymed if i had a Boston accent)

anyway, now i'm just rambling, i really think this lack of sleep is getting to me! hopefully my next post will be more entertaining (maybe even some pictures!), but until then, same bat-time, same bat-channel!

(i swear i'm going to try and post more, just bear with me please! kthanxbai<3uguise!)

EDIT: i just had the most amazing thought ever! Zooey Deschanel in a Batgirl costume!! just picture it... and i DARE you to not get aroused. impossible right?!

I was having an "I'm lookin' good today" kind of day today. Too bad my car was having an "I've got a flat tire" kind of day today...

PS: I promise I'll start actually updating again soon!

BRB! Warping to level 6!!

Tore apart a pipe today to fix the fan inside. Naturally i got bored and tried to warp out of work.

It's a-meee Mario!!

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MOAR travel pix!!

ok so i finally got around to uploading a bunch of my photos from my travels! bout time huh?

so here's the link to the full album

and here are some of my favorites!